Unfortunately I can't show any design since I signed a bunch of papers telling me I can't, but I find it to be an interesting project for several reasons. 
One of the goals were to create a system which still feels modern in 2020. Well we didn't got no magic foil-hat to predict the future. What we could do though, was to create a design as flexible and up to date as possible, based on current standards.
It's a (very) large system with a lot of functionality. When designing, we constantly needed be on top of which signs and symbols where used for specific functions and why. And after a while, there was many! Also, since we weren't creating a master for each view, it was important we kept our documentation up to date and comprehensive for the developers at Trafikverket.
A lot of people with different responsibilities in different parts of the country. Thanks to the internet, this in itself is not an issue. But it does mean that we, from the beginning needed to figure out a good workflow. As changes and alterations drops in down the road, we can't spend our days making minor updates on a thousand different places as the projects need to move forward.
On government projects, there's always a demand for maximum accessibility. Something which limits us in terms of colour palettes, font sizes etc. All this combined, this project kept us on our toes and really made us think at times to solve certain design problems.
Client: Trafikverket. Created at: Winston. Year:2015. 
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